The Story

It’s Love in the Time of a Zombie Outbreak in There’s No Such Thing as Zombies: In a world that’s deeply divided into zombie deniers and zombie believers, Carlotta, Colin and Paul are having a love triangle – only one of them is of the undead.

The Backstory

“Flesh-eating zombies were never the most likely candidates for mainstream acceptance, but with the success of Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland and World War Z on the big screen and of course The Walking Dead on TV, there’s just no denying that anymore,“ says screenwriter Michael Haberfelner, life-long horror fan and self appointed horror historian for the film blog www.searchmytrash.com, “however, it seems in zombie cinema, mainstream and indie, the same story is just told over and over again with only slight variations. We wanted to break the mold, and not just by turning the story into a love triangle involving a zombie, but also by adding something that seems to have been lost to zombie cinema since the early days of George A. Romero, and that’s social satire/commentary.” Thus the film is framed by a mock news show in which the figure-head of the zombie deniers is confronted with an actual zombie. “We were very lucky to get Lynn Lowry, star of such seminal horror movies as George A. Romero’s The Crazies and David Cronenberg’s Shivers for that segment of a movie” continues Haberfelner, “which we originally filmed as a proof-of-concept titled Talk of the Dead. To me, Talk of the Dead was a veiled spoof on climate change deniers, but there were those who took it as a parody of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign (it was not since the short was scripted and shot well before that), and I’m surprised how well the film even works when related to the current Corona crisis.”

Talk of the Dead quickly developed a life of its own and became a runaway success at festivals, nabbing many an award, so the team behind the film, producers Michael Haberfelner (also writer), Eddie Bammeke (also director) and Eirian Cohen (also lead) were not only quick to launch production on There’s No Such Thing as Zombies, but upping the game by hiring Debra Lamb, horror icon from the original scream queen era (Beverly Hills Vamp, Point Break, Wild at Heart) for a pivotal role, ensuring that the film’s shot on the Red Epic by award-winning cinematographer Mark Caldwell, and even giving the Back to the Future DeLorean a fun cameo.

“It was a bumpy road at times,” agree all three producers, “but we couldn’t be happier with the result.”